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Christmas Special

#50 Whole Corn $5.99

1 Ton Tote $240.00

Ends December 24th


Dual Purpose – 95% Guarantee Hen:
Rhode Island Red $4.99
Buff Orpington $4.99
Barred Rock $4.99
Ameracauna $4.99
Jersey Giant $4.99
Buckeye $6.99


Hybrid Layer – 95% Guarantee Hen:
Golden Sex Link $4.99


Meat Bird – Straight Run:
Cornish Rock Cross $3.99
Turkey – Straight Run:
Broad Breasted Bronze $11.99
Broad Breasted White $11.99
Duck – Straight Run:
Cayuga $8.49
Mallard $8.49


Guinea Fowl – Straight Run:
Pearl Gray $7.99
We carry fresh-from-the-farm EGGS! $4/dozen
Reduced prices on Horse and Poultry Feed!

Camp Fire Bundles

Each bundle weighs between 25-30#’s and measures about 12″ across and about 46-48″ in diameter.$5.99 ea. or 4 for $19.99+tax


We will deliver Rock, Mulch and Dirt right to your home! Just ask us about the details!

Propane Fills

20lb $11.99
30lb $19.99
40lb $24.99
100lb $60.00
Rv $1.79/per pound

Animal Food

40% select size bags of dog (Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Nutri Source, Zignature) and cat foods (Blue Buffalo, Acana)
25% off select canned cat (Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Nutri Source, Victor) and dog canned (Blue Buffalo)