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Dual Purpose – 95% Guarantee Hen:
Rhode Island Red $4.99
Buff Orpington $4.99
Barred Rock $4.99
Ameracauna $4.99
Jersey Giant $4.99
Buckeye $6.99


Hybrid Layer – 95% Guarantee Hen:
Golden Sex Link $4.99


Meat Bird – Straight Run:
Cornish Rock Cross $3.99
Turkey – Straight Run:
Broad Breasted Bronze $11.99
Broad Breasted White $11.99
Duck – Straight Run:
Cayuga $8.49
Mallard $8.49


Guinea Fowl – Straight Run:
Pearl Gray $7.99
We carry fresh-from-the-farm EGGS! $4/dozen

Maple Tree Sale

We’re offering a deep discount on Large 25 Gallon Autumn Maple Blaze Maple Trees — on sale for $174.99

Farmer’s Market Vendors!

How would you like to join a market at Duluth Feed, Seed and Supply? Please contact us!

Anniversary Party

Join us for our Anniversary Party on September 16th! There will be sales, food, 20 lb. propane tank fills for $5, games and a bounce house for the kids and more! We hope to see you there!


Camp Fire Bundles

Each bundle weighs between 25-30#’s and measures about 12″ across and about 46-48″ in diameter.$5.99 ea. or 4 for $19.99+tax

DNR Slab Wood Firewood Bundles

These are slightly smaller weighing in at 15-20#’s per bundle. They’re about 9″ across and have a diameter of about 31″. The nice thing about these is that they are approved by the DNR, meaning they can be transported anywhere across the state and used/burned in any state park or campground. They are $4.99+tax apiece or I’m willing to offer 5 bundles for $19.99+tax.

Both are available while supplies last, so come and get yours before they’re gone!


We will deliver Rock, Mulch and Dirt right to your home! Just ask us about the details!