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Spring Chicks Orders

Ordering starting February 1 – April 5. Chicks are schedule to arrive by April 30. Prepay is required.
What’s your favorite breed chicken? This year we will be getting Barred rocks, Rhode Island Red, Ameraucana, Buff Orpington, Buckeye, Cornish, Gold sex link/golden comet, and Jersey Giants. We are also getting Mallard Ducks and Bronze Turkeys.
We keep track of everything so there is no hassle! New hatchery with GREAT lower prices are available.
Stop by to start your order or call us at (218) 522-4994 for prices.

We carry fresh-from-the-farm EGGS! $4/dozen
Reduced prices on Horse and Poultry Feed!


Camp Fire Bundles

Each bundle weighs between 25-30#’s and measures about 12″ across and about 46-48″ in diameter.$5.99 ea. or 4 for $19.99+tax



We will deliver Rock, Mulch and Dirt right to your home! Just ask us about the details!


Propane Fills

20lb $11.99
30lb $19.99
40lb $24.99
100lb $60.00

Rv $1.79/per pound

Animal Food

40% select size bags of dog (Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Nutri Source, Zignature) and cat foods (Blue Buffalo, Acana)

Select canned cat (Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Nutri Source, Victor) and dog canned (Blue Buffalo) but 1 get 1