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  • All greenhouse items are 75% OFF (with the exception of trees, shrubs & bushes)

  • We carry fresh from the farm EGGS! $4/dozen

  • Bundles of Campfire Wood — Two Types!

Camp Fire Bundles:

Each bundle weighs between 25-30#’s and measures about 12″ across and about 46-48″ in diameter.$5.99 ea. or 4 for $19.99+tax

DNR Slab Wood Firewood Bundles:

These are slightly smaller weighing in at 15-20#’s per bundle. They’re about 9″ across and have a diameter of about 31″. The nice thing about these is that they are approved by the DNR, meaning they can be transported anywhere across the state and used/burned in any state park or campground. They are $4.99+tax apiece or I’m willing to offer 5 bundles for $19.99+tax.

Both are available while supplies last, so come and get yours before they’re gone!